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Request Granted By The Google Trust & Safety Team

Apr, 4 2021 | Posted by Olga Lapshinova We have completed a security assessment, so now Email Detail Archive and Email Detail Migrate are 100% safe to convert emails from your Gmail account. Now our projects comply with the Google API User Data Policy. The whole process took us 2 months.

Millions of Email Clients Get Hacked, How To Protect Your Mail

Feb, 28 2021 | Posted by Michael Dango Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me. Sure, but getting your email hacked can get your life ruined without any sticks and stones. The most common dangerous misperception is the belief in the invulnerability of corporate services.

Mbox Pst 1
MSG to PDF For Legal Needs

You don’t have to be a computer expert to convert and produce MSG files. We’ve designed a transparent interface: input MSG, select a destination folder and press start. The folder with your new PDF copies opens in minutes!

search email by date
How to Search Emails by Date (Outlook, Thunderbird, PST, MBOX)

Jan, 09 2021 | Posted by Michael Dango Learn how to search emails by date in Outlook or Thunderbird as well as archived PST and MBOX files even if you no longer use Outlook.

outlook resources
Top 5 Friendly Resources That Help Master Outlook

Dec, 30 2020 | Posted by Michael Dango A simple task like creating a rule in Outlook makes you freeze up? Fear no more, friend, since there is a bunch of resources that have simple answers to all your Outlook-related questions in a form of clear instructions.

PST Search Tools

Oct, 24 2020 | Posted by Michael Dango How to find an email in an old PST archive? Use special PST search tool called Email Detail Search. It will scan your PST and deliver the right email in minutes. No need for Outlook!

pst viewer
Top Free PST Viewers And Why They Won’t Help You

Sep, 4 2020 | Posted by Michael Dango So the day has come when you suddenly have to read that email from dr. Morgan he sent you in 2015. Luckily you made a PST archive when cleaning your mailbox. How do you open that PST now?

Top 4 Learning Sites Our Team Uses

Aug, 30 2020 | Posted by Olga Lapshinova Here at Email in Detail we love to learn. New courses make our brains more flexible, give us inspiration and new ideas. Kevin once shared and the whole team fell in love with it.

Save Email Archiving
Email Archiving: Car vs Horse

Aug, 18 2020 | Posted by Olga Lapshinova What’s the most affordable email archiving solution? What if you stick to PST? We describe how to get info from those PST files later.

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How To Register

Thank you fo rthe purchase! Now you have to enter the key to unlock your Email Detail app. It’s very easy – copy the code and paste it into the program. The detailed guide with screenshots can be found here.

email to pdf
How to convert email to pdf

We desribe the best methods to convert emails to pdf in Outlook, Gmail and other services. One email or whole mailbox at a time. With Email Detail Archive you can cope with any email.

pst viewer
Choosing Email Archive Software

Aug, 14 2020 | Posted by Michael Dango
It may be a good idea to archive emails from time to time outside Gmail or Outlook. Email copies on your hard drive may help you one day. What email archival software can we use?

How To View Winmail.dat Files

Learn what Winmail.dat files are and find the free little app to view Winmail.dat on you computer (100% secure).

view outlook
How To View Email Without Opening It In Outlook

Trying to view emails without Outlook? We found 4 email viewers that are completely free to home users. Read our review and select yours now!

view eml
How To Open EML Without Outlook

Find the free powerful app to open and view EML files from a reliable developer! View EML bodies, headers and attachments free. Print out selected EML files or save as PDF copies.

MSG file
How To View MSG Files

Aug, 03 2020 | Posted by Michael Dango It’s not that often when you encounter an MSG file. A double click does not help to open it. What are these unknown files, and what opens .msg files in case of no Microsoft Outlook on a computer? Fortunately, I found an answer and am happy to […]

How to PST to PDF
How To Convert PST to PDF

Convert PST to PDF in few clicks with the free Email Detail Archive. Get accurate PDF copies of your Outlook emails and attachments. Process as many PST files as you need.

ost to pst free
New OST to PST Converter Free To All Users

July, 24 2020 | Posted by Olga Lapshinova A powerful OST to PST converter free of charge to all users from Email In Detail team.

Archive emails
Email Detail Archive 1.1 Press-Release

Jun, 23 2020 | Posted by Michael Dango Email Detail Archive gives business and individual users of Outlook, Gmail, EML, and MSG, a foolproof way to preserve their emails as PDFs for future reference

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User Stories That Inspire Us

June 6, 2020 | Posted by Michael Dango. We provide hundreds of law firms the accurate tools to prepare emails for discovery and litigation. We believe in Email Detail Litigation because our clients tell us what a difference it makes.

add text watermarks
How To Add Text Watermarks

Legal professionals use Email Detail Litigation to convert emails to PDF and add text watermarks simultaneously. For attorney’s eyes only, confidential, commercially sensitive – use any preset or your own text.

Biggest Barrier Purchasing New Software

May 21, 2020 | Posted by Michael Dango The document productivity software company DocsCorp surveyed 500 project managers in the US to find out their plans for purchasing new enterprise software. Among other questions correspondents were asked about their poor experience with the software they purchased before. Most managers name budget as the biggest barrier […]

stamp bates to outlook
How to Stamp Bates To Outlook

Stamp bates to Outlook emails and PST files in just a few clicks with the special user-froiendly app called Email Detail Litigtaion. It helps legal users prepare emails for litigation producing neat PDF copies with bates numbers.

export gmail
How To Export Emails From Gmail For Litigation

Need access to Gmail for legal reasons? Read this short instruction with screenshot to find 5 simple steps to export Gmail.