How to convert EML/EMLX to PDF

There is no doubt, email service providers offer very convenient and smart features, still sometimes it becomes difficult to manage emailsor when you need to use emails for legal purpose, you need to haveit handy on your machine. Don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Now, you can convert your EML or EMLX into PDF format.Email Details Litigation is simple yet very useful EML to PDF converter.

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offered by Email Detail Litigation for converting EML to PDF

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You don’t need to be a computer savvy to use it,it is very simple and customer friendly

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It is lightening fast and takes a few secondsin converting EML/ EMLX to PDF format

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You have complete control on your data while using it, rather putting your data and privacy on cloud

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EDL converts everything in original way even non-standard characters like emoji’s, various nonLatin languages and produce an accurate PDF result

.EML to PDF- An overview of both the formats

Before we discuss about the conversion, let’s talk about what these terms are actually?

Pdf 1


A PDF is just a file format for sending and capturing e-documents in exactly the intended format. It is developed by ADOBE in 1993 to present documents including text formatting and images.

Eml 1


EML and EMLX are email files extension formats. It is a Mail Message file used to store an email message. They are electronic mails hence short form is EML. EMLX is used as file extension when the text file is developedby APPLE MAC OS X.

How to convert EML file or EMLX file to PDF using EDL?

Please follow below steps to convert EML to PDF format, process is same for both formats, as they just vary in their origin and extension type.

  1. Click on Add files button and browse select EML file to be converted and click OK.
  2. Now select the destination folder from the left panel and Click START button.
  3. Upon Successful file conversion, you can find the file in the destination folder.
  4. Please refer to the below video.

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How to convert EML to PDF in batch

Now as we learnt in above explanation, same way we can use to convert batch EML files to PDF format in single process. Difference is just to select multiple files all together by selecting them. Please find below steps.

  1. Click Add files button and select multiple files together as shown belowand click OK button.
  1. Select the destination folder as per the need. Here you can select if you want to convert each EML file into separate PDF file or into single PDF document and click START button.
  1. Now click on “Open converted files in window explorer” and it will take you to the destination folder showing all the converted files into PDF format.
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FAQs: frequently asked questions

I hope the process is clear to you and you don’t have any doubt regarding the same. Please do check all the FAQs for more clarity and if you still have any concern, get in touch with ourSupport team. We are happy to help and assist you.

What software converts EMLX to PDF?

Yes, Email detail litigation software can be used to convert EMLX to PDF format.

Can I export EML / EMLX files to PDF format in a batch?

Yes, you can convert multiple EML/EMLX files in a batch together into PDF format in single process.

Does the software permit conversion of EML emails into PDF format according to specific date range?

Yes, Software allows the conversion according to the required specific date ranges.

Is there any formatting, data loss or security issue associated with the tool?

No, EDL does not make any changes in your data or formatting. You get the original accurate file with PDF conversion. Data remains on your software, so there is no security or privacy issue either.

Can I work with the software without any problem as I am not a technocrat?

EDL is a very simple and customer friendly software. Developers have developed it in such a way that even a person with no technical knowledge can use it without any problem. In case of any concern or doubt, you can always read manual for clarity.

Can I export attachments associated with EML emails while the EML to PDF Conversion process?

EDL exports and convert the attachments associated with the input files along with the original content. Your attachments are safe and converted along.

Will software work on Mac systems?

No, EDL works only on Windows OS at the moment. We will keep you updated once we release it for MAC systems.