Top Free PST Viewers And Why They Won’t Help You

Sep, 4 2020 | Posted by Michael Dango

Ok, so the day has come when you suddenly have to read that email from dr. Morgan he sent you in 2015. Luckily you have made that archive when you were cleaning your mailbox. You are happy to know that the message is out there somewhere… in that .pst file. Can PST files be opened without Outlook? Finding the needed message in your mailbox isn’t a big deal. Suppose you don’t use Outlook any longer. All you need to do is open the Outlook PST file and view it, right?


You don’t have to view PST. You have to find a particlualr email, or prepare emails for litigation or migrate to a new client. So instead of the TOP 10 viewers list, we proudly present the TOP 3 solutions no PST viewer can suggest.

Open PST To Find Email Or Contact

Viewing a PST file trying to find something is like searching for a needle in a haystack – thousands of messages, appointments, tasks, calendars. If you want to read PST file without Outlook, you are on the wrong track. Normally, you would want to find something just to check the info or maybe prepare the information for litigation or migrate the mailbox to a different messaging platform like Firefox or more likely Google or whatever.

The good news is that there are other coded masterpieces that can truly be of use, unlike the free PST viewers.

If you need to read PST files without Outlook to find the message or sender, use a dedicated search app. For example, Email Detail Search. Regardless of what email archive you are dealing with, finding the needed information is a piece of cake. You can search in headers, body, attachments, tags, or anywhere for some keywords, text, or a template, and you can narrow the search by setting a certain timeframe.

You import the PST file and tell the app that you need all emails sent in 2019 with the word “summer festival” in the body of the message. Email Detail Search will scan all emails and prepare the list of results for you.

Open PST To Migrate

view pst

If searching is not the thing you need, but you are moving to a different email client like Google mail, you will need to convert the PST file archive to a different format like .mbox that can be imported by some other mail platform. With a PST viewer, this would be impossible. But with a professional mail migration tool, it’s like taking candy from a baby.

Take Email Detail Migrate. All you have to do is select the source PST file, define the target format i.e. the messaging platform, and hit the Start button. After that, you want to import the output file into your new platform, and voila – mission accomplished – all your messages, attachments, tasks, calendars are in the new platform. Also, you can do the task vice versa – convert any mailbox archive format to PST, to import it to Outlook later.

Open PST For Legal Needs

open pst

And also you might wonder how to read pst files without Outlook if you need your old messages for litigation purposes. In this case, a PST viewer is as useless as an udder on a bull. When preparing correspondence for the council, opening outlook pst files without outlook is not enough. It is necessary to make the final document meet the court’s requirements. It normally means saving emails in PDF and marking all the messages in a certain way with bates stamps. And this should be done in PDF format.

No viewer can do this. And there aren’t really many programs that can help you with this.

Sure, there are PDF readers and editors, some of them like Adobe can even add bates numbers, but there is only one program that can convert any mailbox archive, documents, images to PDF, simultaneously adding page numbers, adding bates numbers, watermarks. You can process big archives in minutes. In Email Detail Litigation you have to add the files, set the rules of bates numbers generation, set the watermark text, and that’s it. Enjoy the professional-looking PDF files instead of that useless PST.