Top 4 Learning Sites Our Team Uses

Aug, 30 2020 | Posted by Olga Lapshinova

Here at Email in Detail we love to learn. New courses make our brains more flexible, give us inspiration and new ideas. Kevin once shared and the whole team fell in love with it. This is the place where you can learn pretty anything from true professionals at your own pace. Each video is recorded the way you feel it a personal conversation. It’s a good chance to reach Howard Schultz, Robin Roberts, or Jeff Goodby.


As for work-related courses, we prefer CNN store. They offer very affordable prices for very professional courses on project management, productivity or scrum. There are also a few very inspiring courses for developers that we took.

online courses

Prerecorded courses may be less effective than one-to-one personal training though. The Mastery Hub offers a new approach – an online course created for an individual. Not a new idea, but still very powerful. Personal courses cost more but they are tailor-made and consider all the personal goals one may have.

elearning platform

The last one was a surprise to us – the free online training from Google. At we found a great course about Google Analytics.

online training