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We deliver the powerful but easy-to-use tools to process emails for legal, gov, edu users and police.

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Our promise

Email apps are not used daily; but when the need comes you have a clear solution at your fingertips that does not cost a fortune. Stop at our blog to make sure we keep our word.

Email in Detail Olga Lapshinova

Olga Lapshinova

Founder of 2B Software LLC


2B Software LLC

d.52, korp. 3, of. 39, Admirala Lazareva
Moscow 117041 RU

About 2B Software

We started as a small company to develop file converters back in 2003. It was not some grand launch, but a very steady growth process.

Since then, we have encoded day and night, received a lot of user feedback and continued to introduce more and more converters to meet all needs.

Once we made a decision: we needed to concentrate. Since then,we have focused all our efforts on developing email solutions.

Now we do not have a tool to satisfy all needs, but when it comes to processing letters from clients or suspects, you will not find a better solution.

We know our users and we are happy to hear about your problems and offer solutions. That is, if they are about emails. 😊

Our Team

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Mery Orrell


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Andrew Sergeev


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Michael Dango

Chief Developer

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Olesya Kenova

Marketing Director

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Kevin Rust

Head of Support

Our clients

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We are creating our applications for lawyers who want to quickly prepare for litigation by processing thousands of emails overnight.

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We help government users process freedom of information emails without having to ask a technician to find out how it works.

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We help sellers add the ability to view email in conference rooms without having to buy Outlook.

Veritas Law

Veritas Law

Barber & Bartz

Barber & Bartz

Bittner & Hahs P.C.

Bittner & Hahs P.C.

City of Surrey

City of Surrey

Castro & Associates

Castro & Associates

Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates

Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates





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