How to Add Text Watermarks

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Learn how to convert emails to PDF files and add text watermarks in one go with Email Detail Litigation. Confidential, For attorney’s eyes only or your own text to each page of the resulting PDFs.

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Add Text Watermarks

5 simple steps to add text watermarks processing emails:

  1. Download Email Detail Litigation.
  2. Click Add files button to import your emails into the app. You can add MSG, EML, EMLC, PST, MBOX files.
  3. Select the Destination folder for output PDF files.
  4. Click Text watermark inlay. Select one of the presets or type your text.
  5. Set the position of the file on the right block.
  6. Press Start button.

Here is a short video to help you figure out how to convert emails to PDF and add text watermarks:

Note that you can add image watermarks as well. Insert your logo or any picture to the final PDF files.

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