New OST to PST Converter Free To All Users

July, 24 2020 | Posted by Olga Lapshinova

“I wasted a few hours trying to find a free software to convert my OST file to PST. Most of so called free apps either don’t work or ask for a payment…” The web is full of desperate reviews like that.

People need a free solution to process OST files Email in Detail team has introduced the free Email Detail OST2PST converter. It does not ask for any payment in the current version. It does not offer any paid upgrades either.

We already had this engine in other email detail apps so we just wrapped it in the graphic interface. We made it free to everybody who needs a reliable converter but can’t pay for it. The covid crisis has hit many people and businesses so free software will help them a lot.

OST files are not smth we deal with every day. Microsoft Exchange saves its data in OST so that in case f accidential account deletion a user can restore the data. Ome people have old emails and contacts in OST and want to import them to Outlook. The easiest way is to convert OST to PST.

Benefits of Email Detail OST2PST

Email Detail  solution processes every bit of data. Not only emails, but also all contacts, calendars, tasks will be opened in Outlook after the OST to PST conversion. This free converter is not limited in features.

Please, note that Email Detail OST2PST doesn’t work with corrupted OST files. Recovery software from other vendors should be used for the damaged OST.

The free version of Email Detail OST2PST can be downloaded from the official page or from this direct link.