Email Detail Archive 2.0

Jan, 20 2022 | Posted by Michael Dango

We are happy to announce the new major update of the Email Detail Archive 2.0. We have polished the interface with some improvements for a better user experience. Adding emails is easier now. We have also added more processing wheels to show users that the app is loading or processing files.

The main advantage is in attachment processing. When you archive thousands of emails, chances are high some attachments are corrupted or contain unwanted viruses or include unsupported file types. We received a lot of feedback when the app experienced some problems in these cases. The new Email Detail Archive processes any number of emails regardless of corrupted attachments. It keeps working even if it encounters fatal errors in the attached files. All issues are logged into the Index file.


Download the fresh version here. If your license is valid, the upgrade is free to you. New users are welcome to join the club of user-friendly email archiving purchasing a license on this page.