Email Discovery Tools: How To Make Electronic Discovery Manageable

Let’s face it — discovery and document review can be the most tedious part of litigation. Not only is email discovery about as exciting as watching grass grow, but it takes your valuable time away from more important aspects of the case.

When it comes to producing email records and other electronic data in legal proceedings, you’ve probably tried your fair share of eDiscovery solutions. But try as you might, you just can’t seem to find a way to simplify the eDiscovery process. There’s too much data to review and convert, and opposing counsel’s discovery requests are too broad. No matter what eDiscovery tools you use, it’s always a mad, stressful dash to meet your discovery deadlines.

The Traditional E-Discovery Process

Many law firms use the same eDiscovery process for email as they do for other types of documents:

While this process may work fine for other document types, it’s unworkable for email discovery. The volume of potential data is staggering and is not limited to the content of the email itself. You also have to preserve electronically stored information and recipient lists, and convert each email to an accessible format. Most organizations just don’t have the time — or the budget.

Email Detail Litigation Can Simplify Your E-Discovery Workflow

Fortunately, improvements in analytical software have led to the eDiscovery breakthrough small legal teams have been waiting for — Email Detail Litigation. A straightforward, user-friendly tool, Email Detail Litigation allows you to convert emails into a consistent, accurate PDF with the push of a button. No matter what alphabet soup your client sends you (.pst, MSG, MBOX), Email Detail Litigation can not only handle your native files, it can accurately convert them

Designed specifically for legal professionals who are not computer experts, Email Detail Litigation condenses your email eDiscovery workflow from unmanageable chaos to the single press of a button. The user can decide whether they want a single PDF to include the entire production archive, or for each individual email to be a separate PDF.

Email Detail Litigation’s revolutionary eDiscovery software can mistake-proof your email production process. It can even convert emojis and non-Latin script accurately, as originally written in the email.

Email Detail Litigation was built by other legal professionals to simplify your life by turning email discovery from an endless nightmare to the easiest part of each case. Click here to learn more about this life-changing email discovery tool.