User Stories That Inspire Us

June 6, 2020 | Posted by Michael Dango

We provide hundreds of law firms the accurate, flexible tools they need to prepare emails for discovery and litigation. We believe in Email Detail Litigation because our clients tell us what a difference it makes. Take Lawrence Smith, who operates his own law firm in California.

While preparing for a case that centered around an intellectual property disupute, Mr. Smith found himself needing to pore through a series of Outlook files and mark their archives confidential. To make matters more complicated, he was required by a protective order not to print or otherwise reproduce the emails in question.

As a solo practitioner, Mr. Smith had neither a large staff at his disposal for such a project, and the prospect of hiring a third party to process the emails was problematic on several levels.

Email Detail Litigation did exactly what he asked it to, allowing him to prepare a large volume of email files for discovery while adhering to a demanding set of limitations. “It really saved me a lot of anguish,” he wrote to us.

Our Windows app downloads in seconds, and its friendly, intuitive interface lets you enjoy the benefits of automated email processing within minutes.

What about your emails?

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