Total Mail Converter Pro 10.0 Press-Release

New version offers more power and control over email processing, pioneering workflow integration

Total Mail Converter Pro 10.0 Sets the Bar for Precise, Comprehensive Email Conversion

Moscow Russia 5 March – More than 120,000 businesses, law firms, and individuals have already discovered how 2B Software’s Total Mail Converter Pro can turn huge volumes of email correspondence into well-organized, strategically vital repositories of information. With version 10.0, the industry’s most powerful and flexible email converter and archiving solution takes another giant leap forward.

2B Software worked with customers for a year to identify exactly the features they wanted to see in a next-generation email to pdf converter, and to deliver those features in an even more robust, faster, more capable package. Highlights of version 10.0 include:

For 2B Software CEO Olga Lapshinova, the new version marks a new approach to serving her customers’ needs.

total mail convertre pro 10
total mail converter pro 10

“We have been developing email converters for nearly 15 years,” notes Lapshinova. “By doing one thing and doing it exceptionally well, we have built a large user base…and even better, we have gotten to know our clients well.

“Our fundamental objective is accuracy: our clients depend on us for absolutely precise conversion of emails and their attachments. In version 9, we added more features and flexibility. For version 10.0, we turned to our customers. By working with our users, we were able to add features that allow Total Mail Converter Pro to produce properly formatted, easily consulted email archives for any purpose. It’s a step beyond mere file conversion.”

The new features will be welcomed by a hugely varied client base. Law firms use Total Mail Converter Pro to produce documents for discovery and to prepare evidence for litigation. Corporations and government agencies use it to comply with FOIA requests while hiding sensitive information with the program’s powerful redaction tools. Companies of all types and sizes use it to manage electronic documents and facilitate the transfer of large volumes of messages across enterprise email systems.

And those are just Total Mail Converter Pro’s corporate users. The program is perfect for managing bills, receipts, correspondence with insurers, and other important documentation at home.

All of those tasks just got significantly easier with the release of Total Mail Converter Pro 10.0. To learn how the new version makes email even easier to manage, please contact Olga Lapshinova at, or visit 2B Software’s website at


2B Software, LLC, develops precise, reliable file conversion of all types. By 2019, it began to focus exclusively on email conversion with the launch of the anniversary version of Total Mail Converter Pro. The company now serves more than 120,000 customers worldwide.  Check out the brand-new line of tools to process emails at