Email Detail Viewer vs MailsDaddy: Choose your solution

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Choosing software for viewing emails cannot be easy because each app has its pros and cons. But we compared two popular solutions to make it easier for you to decide. You can choose the most suitable one according to its functionality, price, and usability.


To make this comparison article, we installed Email Detail Viewer and MailsDaddy Viewer. 

First, what we see after MailsDaddy Viewer installation is that it cannot run without a proper license. Even though the Viewer is “Free”. The file weighs 8.51 MB, and installation went fast and smoothly.

The installation of the Email Detail Viewer also went fast and without trouble. The file weight is 53.6 MB.

Although Email Detail Viewer weighs six times more, the installation took almost the same time.

Winner: Email Detail Viewer.


The interface of both apps is quite intuitive and clear.

Email Detail Viewer can locate email view in horizontal and vertical positions, while for MailsDaddy Viewer only the vertical one is available. Both programs show if the email has any attachments.

Winner: Email Detail Viewer

Desktop version

While launching both applications I noticed that MailsDaddy takes 10 seconds to lunch which affects opening files. On the other hand, the Email In Detail viewer launched in only 0,90 milliseconds.

Winner: Email Detail Viewer

Email formats

Email Detail Viewer supported formats:

You need only one license to use all of them.

Image11 Min 1 1 1

MailsDaddy Viewer supported formats:

You need a different license for each of the formats.

Winner: Email Detail Viewer

Feature: Sorting emails

MailsDaddy Viewer doesn’t have any sorting feature.

You can sort emails by File name, Date, Sender, To, Subject, File type, Modify date, File size, CC, BCC, and Attachments in the Email Detail Viewer.

Winner: Email Detail Viewer

Feature: Viewing Header Metadata

Metadata shown in MailsDaddy Viewer is To, From, Subject, CC, and BCC.

Metadata that is shown in Email Detail Viewer is Message-ID, From, To, Subject, Date, MIME-Version, Content-Type, Delivered-To, Return-path, Received, Time, X-Mailer, and X-Mailru-Intl-Transport.

Winner: Email Detail Viewer

Feature: Support for non-Latin scripts

Both viewers support non-Latin characters.

Winner: It’s a tie

Feature: Converting to PDF

Email detail Viewer has a unique advantage of converting email files into PDFs right away for free by clicking on the “Print” button on the toolbar. This is usually a premium feature in other email viewers. MailsDaddy doesn’t offer this option, and it is not clear even if the premium version allows the printing of emails.

Winner: Email Detail Viewer

Feature: Attachments

Both apps show if the email has any attachments. This feature is available for both software in free versions.

Winner: It’s a tie


Email Detail Viewer licenses:

MailsDaddy Viewer licenses:

Special Benefits & FeaturesPersonal LicenseBusiness LicenseEnterprise License
Installation Limits2 PC/Laptop (for personal use)50 PC/Laptop (for small business)100 PC/Laptop (in one Geographical location)
File LimitationsProcess Unlimited FilesProcess Unlimited FilesProcess Unlimited Files
24×7 Technical Support1 year of free tech support2 years of free tech supportLifetime free tech support
License validityLifetimeLifetimeLifetime
Software Updates1 year of free updates2 years free updatesLifetime free updates
30 Days Money Back Guaranteeyesyesyes
No file size limitationsyesyesyes
Support Outlook 2016 & other Allyesyesyes
Compatible with Win 10 & other Allyesyesyes
Preview OST File Datayesyesyes

Winner: Email Detail Viewer

Customer support

As a testing of customer support a help request was sent for both Email In Detail and MailsDaddy customer support and asking for (free version) instructions and help, and i have received a replying message within a short time with instructions from Email In Detail support, however, unfortunately no reply was received from MailsDaddy customer support.

Winner: Email Detail Viewer

Email In Detail Viewer vs MailsDaddy Viewer: Conclusion

▼ Email In Detail Viewer

  • One installer for all 3 filetypes
  • Large choice of filetypes
  • Preview of attachments from within the app
  • Shows metadata
  • Batch prints emails as PDFs for free!
  • Display of non-Latin emails
  • Free to personal use with no limits
  • Horizontal View & Vertical View
  • Interface only in English
  • Only work on Windows PC and Linux (using Wine)

▼MailsDaddy Viewer

  • Display of non-Latin emails
  • Large choice of filetype
  • Lightweight installer
  • Only limited feature demo version
  • doesn’t have any sorting feature
  • Every format needs a different licence
  • Slow software launching time
  • Need a licence to use attachments

After comparing this two software, the result speaks for itself by looking at the huge positives and extra features that are in Email In Detail Viewer.