Email Detail Viewer vs Encryptomatic: The Definitive Comparison



Email viewers have become an irreplaceable tool for many institutions and individuals who need to keep a backup for their emails as files on their computers. In the article below we will compare two such apps: Email Detail Viewer and Encryptomatic Message Viewer Lite. They have a lot in common but there are also significant differences. We will describe it in an understandable way so you can decide which one deserves a place in your computer toolset.

What is Email Detail Viewer?

Email Detail Viewer is a powerful app for opening and viewing MSG, EML, EMLX, MIM, VCF, and Winmail.dat files. It gives unlimited access to those emails without Outlook or any other email desktop client on your PC. It has a great number of features and capabilities like sorting, printing, and previewing attachments right from within the viewer interface.

What is Encryptomatic?

Encryptomatic is a company that specializes in email processing software and has been around for a long time. It proposes add-ons and other tools that can view and convert emails. It has products for Windows that let you view, export, print, search and convert your MSG and EML email messages.

General interface

Screenshots of Email Detail Viewer

Image13 Min 1
Image12 Min 2

Screenshots of Encryptomatic Mail Viewer Lite

Image4 Min 2

The UI of both software is user-friendly. However, with Encryptomatic we feel it is a bit clunky and not as intuitive as with Email Detail Viewer. It is almost as if we need some guidance to know where to click on the Encryptomatic toolbar.

Winner: Email Detail Viewer

Desktop version (Is it stable, easy to install and lightweight)

Both softwares seem to be lightweight on execution, but Encryptomatic Message Viewer Lite has the inconvenience of requiring the .NET framework before it can even be installed. We also should mention the whopping 40 MB of the installer file and the 100 MB of disk space that Encryptomatic Message Viewer Lite comes with. Besides that, you may experience some error messages on its welcome screen, which can be annoying. Email Detail Viewer on the other hand is broadly stable and is running smoothly along with other tasks in the background.

Winner: Email Detail Viewer

Email formats

If there is one factor that plays the most into your choice of an email viewer, that must be the support for a wide array of email files. And in that regard, Email Detail Viewer comes largely ahead of Encryptomatic, since the latter can only open EML and MSG email files plus a less popular file type that is winmail.dat TNEF. The good news about both email viewers is that you won’t need to download a different variant of the viewer for each email file, as the single viewer can open all their supported file formats respectively.

Email Detail Viewer: Supported Files

Image11 Min 1

Encryptomatic Message Viewer Lite: Supported Files

Image9 Min 1

Winner: Email Detail Viewer

Features: Sorting emails

The most important thing is that the Email Detail Viewer is the only viewer capable of sorting your emails in the embedded file list. You can do it easily by clicking on the corresponding column heading you need according to criteria like name, date, attachment presence, and so on. Encryptomatic Message Viewer Lite does not even show the emails on a similar file list window. Instead, it only shows the email being opened taking up the whole screen, which we don’t think is a wise use of screen space.

Email Detail Viewer: Clicking on the Column Headings will sort emails accordingly

Image5 Min 2

Winner: Email Detail Viewer

Features: Viewing Metadata Header

When contrasting Email Detail Viewer with Encryptomatic, we see small differences in this feature, since both software tools demonstrate the capability of viewing Metadata Headers. Nevertheless, we see that Encryptomatic requires some extra navigation to reach that option while Email Detail Viewer makes it obvious where to find it. However we think Encryptomatic has gained a point here due to it providing some extra Metadata text, which might not look useful to ordinary users but may have some importance to white-collar users.

Email Detail Viewer: Header View

Image6 Min 2

Encryptomatic Message Viewer Lite: Header View

Image7 Min 1

Winner: Encryptomatic

Features: Support for non-Latin scripts

Emails can come in different languages and may even incorporate emojis and other Unicode special characters. That’s why we created a test email with as many unconventional characters as we can put in and we viewed it on both software tools. We were pleased to see that both of them do not corrupt the text and that they render the non-Latin characters as it should be, whether it’s in Arabic, Hebrew, Cyrillic, Japanese, or even traditional Chinese.

Email Detail Viewer: Showing characters from different languages

Image3 Min 3

Encryptomatic Message Viewer Lite: Showing characters from different languages

Image2 Min 2

Winner: It’s a tie

Features: Displaying Email Attachments

There is no questions here, uggles with that, even though it comes with an MSI installer. In addition, it is not even clear if the premium version facilitates the installation of the Encryptomatic viewer in these types of emails.

Winner: Email Detail Viewer

Features: Converting to PDF

Email Detail Viewer has the unique advantage of converting email files into PDFs right away for free by clicking on the “Print” button on the toolbar. This is usually a premium feature in other email viewers. Encryptomatic also offers this option, although the layout of the final PDF is not of high quality.

Email Detail Viewer: Print to PDF

Image8 Min 3

Encryptomatic Message Viewer Lite: Print to PDF

Image10 Min 2

Winner: Email Detail Viewer

How adapted it is to enterprise infrastructures

In the age of cloud-connected companies, it is crucial to have software that works across the different computers of your company. Email Detail Viewer has been designed with that application in mind, as it is capable of being batch-installed by your network administrator. Encryptomatic Message Viewer Lite struggles with that, even though it comes with an MSI installer. In addition, it is not even clear if the premium version facilitates the installation of the Encryptomatic viewer in these types of emails.

Winner: Email Detail Viewer

Does it break the bank (Price)

Considering that Encryptomatic Message Viewer Lite can only run for 15 days before it requires the purchase of a license, whereas Email Detail Viewer has a free limitless version for non-commercial use and costs $45 for the commercial user. The difference is mind-blowing. This is a fraction of the $139 per user which Encryptomatic charges for MailDex or PstViewer Pro, its nearest similar product to Message Viewer Lite. So we can confidently say that Encryptomatic is not for the tight budget.

Winner: Email Detail Viewer

How engaging is their customer support

Email in Detail and Encryptomatic support services are equally good, having a fast response and actively trying to answer users issues. Email in Detail goes a little bit beyond that by providing support in different languages, including French and Turkish.

Winner : It’s a tie

Email Detail Viewer vs Encryptomatic: Conclusion

This conclusion will be much cleared by means of the visual Pro and Cons table below:

Email Detail Viewer

  • One installer for all 3 filetypes
  • Large choice of filetypes
  • Preview of attachments from within the app
  • Shows metadata
  • Batch prints emails as PDFs for free!
  • Display of non-Latin emails
  • Free to personal use with no limits
  • Horizontal View & Vertical View
  • Interface only in English
  • Only work on Windows PC and Linux (using Wine)

Encryptomatic Message Viewer Lite

  • One installer for all 3 filetypes
  • Shows metadata
  • Can print email previews
  • Display of non-Latin emails
  • No free version, just a 15 days trial
  • Heavy installer ( > 40 MB)
  • Take a significant disk space ( > 100 MB)
  • No attachment preview inside the viewer
  • Expensive license compared to competitors
  • NET required

Now it is clear that Email Detail Viewer is a more suitable choice and that it hands down surpasses Encryptomatic on many levels.