How To View MSG Files

Sep, 26 2023 | Posted by Michael Dango

It’s not that often when you encounter an MSG file. A double click does not help to open it. What are these unknown files, and what opens .msg files in case of no Microsoft Outlook on a computer? Fortunately, I found an answer and am happy to share it with you.

What is a MSG file? MSG is a file extension that frequently seen in Microsoft Outlook. MSG file can contain different (mostly useful) information for users, including emails and their contains. Some people can’t use this post client due to some cases. But how to read msg files? Here’s the step-by-step instruction.

MSG: how to open

  1. First of all, find a program for your needs. There are a lot of file viewers– they differ in their features, interfaces, and prices. I was looking for a free one as I don’t want to pay for a basic viewer. Google suggests 5-7 free apps but most of them are either unstable or ask for a paid upgrade. I recommend Email Detail Viewer, the true free app to read MSG.
    Download the application and install it. Don’t worry: your antivirus won’t mark it suspicious. The size is quite humble too.
  2. Now you can associate MSG file type with this program. After this, you will be able to open .msg files in one click. Moreover, Email Detail Viewer can open EML, EMLX, MIM, and VCF files as well.
  3.  Enjoy your two-mode window and work with all matched file extensions with no problem. View emails, headers, attachment, save them in other formats or print.

Opening .msg files with other program: why and when

Normally, MSG files are opened in Outlook. If you don’t have it on your computer, you would need a file viewer. You might have received this file from a colleague or try to open your old email archive. You may want to give your employees the app to view MSG files without buying Outlook for each user. There might be a lot of reasons to open .msg files with other programs.

Email Detail Viewer is the reliable solution to all these cases.

There are many users who still prefer old versions of Windows (or pre-downloaded ones with no ability to get the latest OS). Email Detail Viewer runs on Windows 7, 8, 10, so you won’t get any compatibility problems.

Getting a free app is often risky. Not in this case. Email Detail Viewer is developed by a trustworthy company and is 100% free of any virus. Check the exe file ( on to make sure it’s the safe choice.

I found my way to open .msg files

I’ve found what program opens .msg files. As for me, this app is worth a try. First of all, it is not a heavy one, and that was a really important thing for me. I use small SSD disc with HDD as an external one so I don’t have enough space to download huge applications.

Second, it is easy-to-use. I just downloaded it, confirmed .msg association, and was able to view my files immediately. I love its ability to view attachments. If there is a picture or a Word files attached to an email, I can open it with a click.

Third, it is quite stable and it helped me to read msg files without Outlook. I wanted to solve this problem with lots of apps, but they were weighty or/and unstable. I used a lot of variants before I chose this one, simple, light and useful one.

Finally I got the answer for myself and I know, how to read a msg file. I think, you too: get this app and enjoy using it from the first second!