Email Detail Archive vs. BitRecover PDF Converter

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In comparing the most popular email to PDF converter tools, we focused on each software’s most critical features, affordability, and user-friendliness. There is no point in archiving an email in a PDF file that is incorrectly rendered or corrupted. A perfect app also has to be lightweight and easy to install. 

Our article compares Email Detail Archive and BitRecover PDF Converter, two of the most feature-rich email to PDF converter tools. Let’s read more to find out which one is better. 

Email Detail Archive

Email Detail Archive is an email to PDF converter tool. It archives your emails as PDF files. It supports all email file types and allows users to log into their email accounts through the software. The unique feature of the Email Detail Archive helps to convert emails and attached files to PDFs right away when you log in. Moreover, it adds dates, page counters, legal notes, and senders in the converted file for clear indexing.

Email Detail Archive is an all-in-one, powerful tool with an easy-to-use interface. You can convert up to 50 emails for free and can upgrade afterward to the business version for additional benefits.

BitRecover PDF Converter

BitRecover PDF converter is one of the best tools to convert bulk emails to PDF files at once and help save users precious time and effort. Also, it is recommended by experts to convert EML files to PDF file formats. It has several advanced options, including converting attachments to PDF, Black and White mode, and file naming.

General Interference

Email Detail Archive Screenshot

BitRecover PDF Converter Screenshot

It’s easy to master the UI of both programs. The email body is displayed in the central area of the workspace, which is divided into sections. The buttons intuitively guide users in the Email Detail Archive. Also, BitRecovery PDF Converter has a simple appearance, which makes its interface user-friendly.

Winner: It’s a tie.

Supported Email Formats

The most critical consideration in your choice of email to PDF converter software is support for many different types of email files. The Email Detail Archive supports almost every format, including MSG, PST, MBOX, VCF, OST, MIM, and EML formats in one license. Similarly, BitRecover PDF Converter can archive files in a range of formats, including OST, PST, EML, MBOX, IPS, XLS, and many more. But you need different licenses for each email format.

Winner: Email Detail Archive.

Desktop Version

Both tools are lightweight on performance. BitRecover PDF Converter requires about 500MB of hard disk space, and Email Detail Archive, on the other hand, needs a smaller space of 100MB. Also, BitRecover PDF Converter is a set of different software you need to download if you want to convert a specific format file. Therefore, it becomes heavier for the PC. Conversely, Email Detail Archive is an all-in-one tool that supports all formats and doesn’t take much of your computer’s disk space.  

Winner: Email Detail Archive.

Features: Support for non-Latin Scripts

Understandably, emails are written in different languages and may contain emojis, Unicode, and special characters. Fortunately, the Email Detail Archive tool supports these unconventional characters, scripts, and languages. This tool preserves these characters while converting the file and doesn’t corrupt the text. Whether the email text is in Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese, or Japanese, this tool supports all. On the other hand, BitRecover supports different languages, but it’s unclear what to say about unique characters and scripts.

Winner: Email Detail Archive.

Features: Additional Perks

Email Detail Archive offers five additional options: Page Counters, Text Watermarks, Image/Logo, Attachments, and Appearance. When you open the software, these options are marked with a star on the left pane. On the other hand, BitRecover PDF Converter does not offer these options. This tool has a file naming option that you can use for better email management. Not having these additional options is a major drawback for the BitRecover PDF Converter tool. 

Winner: Email Detail Archive.


Users can create PDFs for up to 50 emails at once for free with Email Detail Archive. This tool is the only provider that offers this much – certainly not other competitors, BitRecover PDF Converter, which offers only 25 PDF conversions for free. 

The paid version of Email Detail Archive costs $139 for all supported formats. On the other side, BitRecover PDF Converter is $39, which works for one particular format. You need to buy other more software from BitRecover PDF Wizard to convert emails of all formats. So, it will cost more in comparison to the Email Detail Archive. 

Winner: Email Detail Archive.

Customer Support

There are a lot of similarities between Email Detail Archive and BitRecover support services. Customers who request assistance with their respective archiving software receive replies in a short amount of time.

In addition, Email in Detail provides an interactive help button on all its web pages, allowing visitors and customers to quickly seek assistance. Moreover, Email Detail Archive offers customer service in numerous languages, including French and Turkish. Even users with free version software get the same treatment from support executives, and there is no delay in response too.

Winner: Email Detail Archive.

Email Detail Archive Vs. BitRecover PDF Converter: Conclusion

Let’s take a look at each tool’s pros and cons to come to the conclusion:

▼ Email In Detail Archive

  • Has a free version
  • Saves attachments and renames output files
  • Provides encrypted output PDFs
  • Adds a filter and page numbering in PDF
  • Can convert all email file types to PDF files
  • One license for all supported email formats
  • It does not support selective conversion

▼ BitRecover PDF Converter

  • Works on any Windows and MAC operating system
  • Allows the user to choose the desired location to save the output file
  • Users can create a non-searchable file using its Black and White mode
  • Offers multilingual options during software installation
  • Offers only 25 items to convert for free
  • Converts the attachment files only in paid versions
  • Different licenses for each email format

The Email Detail Archive is a strong tool for email archiving. While BitRecover PDF Converter Tool has merits, it isn’t free (only allows users to convert up to 25 items for free) and isn’t as committed to saving your email as Email in Detail Archive. Unlike Email Detail Archive, the tools within lack many customization options.

With Email Detail Archive, you can archive emails and produce pixel-perfect PDFs that are well-labeled and tagged.