All You Need to Know about How to Run Email In Detail Products on Mac

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Email in Detail offers flexible installation options on multiple operating systems. However, Mac users may have some difficulties running various apps or features. Some of them are our EID products.

Here are some of the best applications that will help you easily use any Windows app on Mac

Virtual Machines

Creates a virtual instance of Windows within your Mac. It’s the best solution favored by users that will easily help you run any unsupported product or feature. Parallels Desktop and VirtualBox are two of the top Virtual Machine apps. The first one is paid, while the second one is free.

How to download and use Parallels Desktop?

Just follow the instructions below step-by-step to get everything ready within a few minutes:

  1. First, buy and download parallels desktop from the website link
  2. Open the app and double-click on the shown icon and start installing. If you get a security error, click “Go to security preferences” and click on “Allow”, then on the lock at the end. Finally, type your username and password
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3. Open the app and sign in or create an account. Then tap “Install” if you want to set up Windows

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4. You may get a request for the administrator’s username and password. Add the required info and click “open”, then give access by clicking the OK button on the pop-up messages

5. A small Windows virtual computer window will open and install and you will be asked to reboot after finishing. Then click “File – Enter coherence mode”. This will close the window and merge it with your Mac, and you will have a Windows desktop within your Mac background

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Download 8

Finally, all you need to do is download and install the Email In Detail product you want to use.

What are the Pros and Cons of Parallels Desktop?

  • Top rated by users
  • Works smoothly 
  • Very easy and simple to use
  • The tool is very expensive with an annual average of $103 for the standard edition
  • May have Low performance on some old mac device
  • Many steps to get things ready

How to download and use VirtualBox?

VirtualBox is a completely free app that allows you to use multiple operating systems to run programs that aren’t supported on your Mac. Here are all the steps you need to start:

  1. First, click on the VirtualBox link and choose OS X hosts in the platform packages menu to download. Double click on the marked box icon
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2. Click “Continue”. You will get a message asking for a username and password. Add the info and click on “Install”

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3. In case you got a message about a system extension block, go to “Open security preferences” and click the “Security and privacy” icon. Next, click “Allow”, then click on the lock below, write your username and password, and then click “Unlock”. Skip ahead to step 5 if you didn’t get this message.

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4. Make sure the marked box is checked to solve the security issue. You have to go back to the first step to redo the installation after the security fix. After finishing the installation successfully, click “Close”

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5. You now have your VirtualBox! Now you’ll want to download a version of Windows our products can run on. Click here to download a Windows 10 iso file which is free to use but with some restrictions

6. Open your VirtualBox and click on “New”, and name it Windows 10. Then press on “Type” to select your downloaded .iso file and click “Continue”. Keep clicking “Continue” / ” Create” (VirtualBox will choose the recommended setting – no need to choose yourself)

Download 1
Download 1 1

7. Click “Start” and choose your .iso file again here. Click “Start” again

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Download 2 1

8. Windows will boot automatically to its installation. Just go through the steps and press “I don’t have a product key” in case you want the free version

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9. Choose the Windows version you want to use, then click “Next”

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10. Accept the license terms, click “Next”, then choose the first option. This will take you through an automatic installation process

11. Choose your region and create or sign in with your Microsoft account. Click “Next”

Congrats! A Windows desktop will be displayed, and you will be able to use it freely.

Now you can choose and run any of our EID products on your Mac.

What are the Pros and Cons of Virtualbox?

  • Runs multiple operating systems simultaneously
  • Data can be backed up/recovered/switched between hosts
  • Virtualization can significantly reduce hardware and electricity costs.
  • Responsiveness of the VMs is slow sometimes.
  • Setup is long with more steps than other software

2. WineBottler

WineBottler was originally made for Linux. However, it can help run Windows directly on Mac and is easy to both download and use.

How to use WineBottler? A step-by-step guide 

  1. Download the stable version of WineBottler and open the downloaded file. Select the two Wine&WineBottler icons and drag them to the Applications folder to let them install on your Mac
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2. Go to your Mac apps and open WineBottler, then go to the “Advanced” option

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3. Click on “Choose file” and choose an Email In Detail product you have downloaded. Click “Install on” in the bottom right

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Finally, you will see your downloaded product on the Mac desktop and can now use it normally.

What are the Pros and Cons of WineBottler?

  • Runs directly on Mac
  • Does not need a Windows license
  • Very easy to install and use
  • Free
  • Buggy
  • It may not be suitable for some Windows versions


Based on user reviews and after testing the virtual windows desktop software, VirtualBox was the clear favorite with the most positive features.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does Parallel Desktops cost?

A standard yearly subscription costs approximately $103.

Is there a free Windows app program?

VirtualBox is free and highly rated.

Can Virtual Machines affect my Mac?

You can freely adjust how much CPU and memory you want the VM to use.