New Update Despite The COVID-19 Madness

April 30, 2020 | Posted by Michael Dango

During these unprecedented times, most of the economy is struggling with severe impacts stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.  While many companies were not prepared for remote operations, the world of legal tech has not encountered as many challenges.  In fact, many have not been set back at all by the outbreak and are actually thriving.

For many legal tech vendors, it is still “business as usual” with a few minor tweaks and changes.  For example, UnitedLex CEO, Dan Reed, recently explained to Bloomberg Law that their new product and service rollout dates have remained largely unaffected, thanks to the company’s pre-established remote-first work model. 

Most legal offices are unable to work from home and still maintain normal operations.  Countless State and Federal court dockets have also become unsettled.  However, while many (if not most) legal offices themselves may be struggling right now, the tech companies that support them are still doing quite well and are fully-equipped to support their clients through these hard times.

It is clear that disruptions to the global supply chain, food industry, and the healthcare system during these times could have consequences for all legal tech leaders.  As such, many are quickly reviewing contracts and leases that could be affected.  Additionally, many of these firms are seeing needs for new products and services emerge in response to the coronavirus pandemic, and they are making moves to swiftly fill these new niches.

Fresh Email Detail Litigation

Despite the madness, Email in Detail is still chugging along.  We are continuing to deliver updates on time.  In fact, we released our new Email Detail Litigation just this week.  The new update features an innovative attachment processing based on the client’s requests.  It gives our users full control of how they want to save attached files and emails.

Email detail litigation 156x250

How is your business being affected by the virus outbreak?  Has it changed the way you utilize legal technology software?  Let us know if there is something Email in Detail can do or provide to lessen the impacts of these unprecedented circumstances.  We want to hear from you!