Major Update of Email Detail Litigation 5.0

Bates Numbering

Email Detail Litigation 5.0

Email in Detail has released the Email Detail Litigation version 5.0 to increase the efficiency of working with emails: The most recent version includes bug fixes and new features.

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The main features we want to present in this update are naming files using bates and attaching zip files. These new features will save you money, time, and memory on your device! You don’t have to waste time extracting attachments from zip files or naming your documents with bates manually anymore. Also, we have updated the already existing feature to make your experience with Email Detail Litigation software even more pleasant.

At Email in Detail, we listen to and value customers’ feedback. Let us introduce each of the updates in more detail:

Naming files using bates

From now on you can select naming your attachments using bates numbering. It will save you time in finding necessary documents and make all files more structured and ordered.

How does it work?

To select it, first, go to File Name, and select “Replace file names with starting and ending Bates number”.

Email Detail Litigation 2023 01 24 08.58.17

By default, the format is taken from the Bates page, but you can always change it manually. To do so, go to Bates Numbers and change Numeration as you need. In Preview field you can see what it will look like.

Email Detail Litigation 2023 01 24 08.59.22

 Finally, go to Attachments, select “Save as separate file” and write [page]-[last page].

Email Detail Litigation 2023 01 24 11.50.44

After this, press the START button, and the files will convert!

The final result after conversion will look like this:

Desktop 2023 01 24 09.04.09

File conversion update

The new version converts the attached files and then the original email. It helps EDL to add correct links of attached files to the email.

After all attached files are processed and converted the system will send you the request to clear the original list of files. It will save memory on your computer and make the application work faster. But you can always save it to check the correctness of the transformation.

Confirmation 2023 01 24 11.51.16

ZIP files

From now on you don’t have to extract documents from zip file anymore. EDL new version can process them without a problem! It will save you both time and memory on your device!

Email Detail Litigation 2023 01 24 11.53.03

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EDL is a software developed specifically for attorneys, law offices, and litigation. It will convert your documents and emails in the best way and save you time and money!

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